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About us

XPS AboutYour Gateway to Advanced IT, Tech & Crypto Insights

XPS is a tech hub for the latest news and insights. We’re focused on exploring new technology to stay ahead.

We offer trustworthy updates for tech fans and professionals. XPS is not just a site, it’s a community where you can find tech solutions, learn, and discover the best products. Whether you’re solving tech problems, learning, or choosing top items, XPS is your guide in the tech world.

Our Story

XPS was founded on a simple yet impactful vision: to demystify the intricate realm of technology for everyone. Our journey is marked by several notable accomplishments and benchmarks:

  • Diverse expertise : We boast a network of over 100 expert contributors, comprising writers and editors with extensive knowledge and experience across different technology sectors.
  • Expanding audience : Our platform has seen extraordinary growth in its audience, now engaging more than 3 million monthly readers.
  • Rich Content Repository : With more than 35,000 pages of premium content available, our website spans a wide array of subjects.
  • Robust Affiliate Relationships : We’ve established key affiliate partnerships with leading technology firms, enabling us to offer our readers exclusive access to a range of innovative technology products and services.
  • Engaging Newsletters : Our newsletter base is strong, with over 300,000 active subscribers, fostering a vibrant community for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  • Vibrant Community Interaction : We actively engage with our community across social media platforms such as X (Previously Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn, ensuring high levels of participation and interaction.

Why trust us

XPS stands as a beacon of trustworthiness in the rapidly changing world of technology. Supported by a worldwide cadre of specialists who follow stringent editorial guidelines, we guarantee that each piece of content – whether it be an article, guide, or review – is detailed, rigorously researched, accurately fact-checked, and current.

Our core principles revolve around ethical and impartial reporting, ensuring that the information we deliver is not just engaging and easy to comprehend but also dependable. Our commitment to excellence and precision positions us as a credible source for anyone eager to remain informed about the latest technological advancements, trends, and breakthroughs.

How we fund our site

XPS’s operations are financed through various means, including advertisements, sponsored content, affiliate links, and strategic partnerships. Our paramount commitment is to uphold our readers’ trust, making the integrity of our partners of utmost importance. We adhere to stringent sponsorship guidelines to preserve editorial independence, ensuring collaborations only with parties that resonate with our principles and prioritize our readers’ interests.

For further information, please consult our advertising policy.

Our editorial process

We prioritize being users first and testers second, acknowledging the critical nature of reliable information. Our method of creating trustworthy content, supported by industry-leading experts, involves the following practices:

  • Credible Sources : We rigorously cite sources, such as peer-reviewed studies, industry associations, and reputable government agencies, to verify the accuracy of our content.
  • Timeliness and Relevance : We continuously update our materials in response to new developments, ensuring our content remains pertinent and correct.
  • Diverse Perspectives : In cases of unresolved debates, we present various viewpoints to offer a comprehensive perspective.
  • Reader Engagement : We value our readers’ feedback and concerns regarding inaccuracies or outdated content, and we act swiftly to implement necessary revisions.
  • Transparency with Sponsored Content : Any sponsored content featured on our platform is distinctly labeled, maintaining openness and clarity with our audience.

Consult our editorial policy for insights into our commitment to delivering meticulously researched, factual, and unbiased content.