Apple’s Upcoming iPad Pro Is Rumored to Launch with M4 Chip

Ross Jukes
Last updated: May 9, 2024
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The 2024 iPad Pro from Apple will be the first Apple product to use the new M4 chip, which will be a big deal. The upgrade comes as a surprise, given previous assumptions that the tablet would have the M3 chip. This new iPad Pro will have a much faster processor and an OLED screen. Apple will announce it at their Let Loose event on May 7th.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the OLED iPad Pro is expected to become Apple’s “first truly AI-powered device,” equipped with an improved neural engine provided by the M4 chip. This big step forward in technology could set a new standard for Apple’s tablet line, and the improved AI could completely change the way users interact with iPads.

Apple will announce an AI strategy with a new M4 chip at the May event

Mark Gurman talks about Apple’s planned event in May in his latest Power On newsletter. This event could be a big chance for the company to talk about its AI chip strategy. Apple can now show off the features of the iPad Pro and other devices in the future that will have the M4 chip inside the new iPadOS 18 ecosystem.

Featuring an improved Neural Engine, the much-anticipated M4 chip is a major step forward in Apple’s approach to incorporating AI technology. This new chip should make the iPad Pro much better at AI-driven tasks. This shows that Apple wants to improve its position in AI technology, an area where it has mostly lagged behind competitors.

Gurman suggests the event will not only be about the devices but also about how Apple plans to use AI. This could include both their own AI features and partnerships with big AI companies like Google or OpenAI. This would be a huge step towards integrating AI into Apple’s products.

Also, the next generation of iPad Pros is likely to get big improvements like OLED screens and new devices that will make them look and work better.

Apple Pencil will have new gestures and haptic feedback

Apple Pencil to Feature Haptic Feedback and New Gestures-inner image

The upcoming announcement of the next Apple Pencil is said to include haptic feedback, which will improve the way users interact with devices by using tactile feelings. As hinted in the iPadOS 17.5 beta, this new feature might use a small Taptic Engine that sends out vibrations and responds physically when users switch tools or use new motions like the “squeeze” action.

By adding haptic input, the digital drawing and writing experience is meant to be improved by making it feel more real and natural. The Apple Pencil will likely also have magnetic tips, which will make it easy for users to switch between different tip styles that are better for different tasks. This update would not only make the Apple Pencil work better, but it would also make it more useful in artistic and professional settings.

New iPad Pro and iPad Air models

Apple is expected to introduce some significant updates at its forthcoming May event. New iPad Pro models with OLED screens, the first 12.9-inch iPad Air, and a redesigned Magic Keyboard made just for iPads are some of these. With these changes, Apple’s tablet users should be able to enjoy a better experience with better graphics and more useful features.

Possible big announcements from Apple

Although Apple has not yet confirmed any details, the track record of Mark Gurman, known for his accurate predictions about Apple products, adds credibility to the latest rumors. Apple might make an official announcement soon, either at their “Let Loose” event on May 7 or at WWDC in June.

The “Let Loose” event will begin on May 7 at 7 a.m. Pacific Time (10 a.m. Eastern Time), and you can watch it live on and YouTube. He hints that this event might not be as big as the launch of the iPhone, but it could still be important.

If Gurman’s predictions hold true, the introduction of the M4 chip at the event could mark a significant advancement in Apple’s AI capabilities. This could help Apple make a big difference in the AI technology market, which is growing very quickly. Furthermore, the possible release of the M4 chip suggests not only that the iPad Pro will run faster, but also that Apple has bigger plans for AI in the long term, which could lead to new products and developments that use AI.

In short

At the upcoming “Let Loose” event on May 7, Apple is expected to introduce its newest product, the 2024 iPad Pro with the new M4 chip. This new model is different because it doesn’t have the usual M3 chip. Instead, it has the more advanced M4 chip, which has a faster processor and an OLED screen. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg suggests that this iPad will also have a better neural engine. This will make it Apple’s “first truly AI-powered device” which could change the way people use their iPads. The event will also talk about Apple’s AI strategy which could include working with big AI companies. Along with the iPad Pro, new models of the iPad Air and updates to the Apple Pencil are also on the way. These will improve the user experience with features like haptic feedback and better displays.

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