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Editorial policy

XPS Staff
XPS Staff
Last updated: March 7, 2024

At XPS, our top priority is to present our readers with honest and unbiased evaluations and recommendations. We are committed to offering accurate, objective information and endorse only those products that meet our stringent evaluation criteria. Our testers recommend products and services based on whether they would personally invest in them.

Real-world testing

We aim to test products in real-world settings whenever possible. Understanding that products are used in everyday life, not in controlled lab environments, guides our testing methodology. This approach allows us to provide genuine and practical insights into a product’s utility and performance in regular use.

For products that cannot be tested in real-life situations, like evaluating a VoIP system’s performance in a large-scale business environment, we assess from a consumer perspective. This may include examining third-party reviews and conducting mystery shopping to test customer service experiences.

Our content is built on thorough research and data collection. We do not publish without solid evidence and meticulous sourcing. Our research is extensively fact-checked, including verification by independent fact-checkers and topic experts as needed.

While we engage with commercial partners, our editorial integrity is paramount and never compromised for financial gain.

Our editorial standards include:

  • Maintaining impartiality and honesty in our writing, with no brand or product affiliations.
  • Adhering to strict product review protocols, as outlined on our review guidelines page.
  • Basing all content on research and data, with any assertions supported by tangible evidence, which we disclose for your review.
  • Acknowledging both the strengths and weaknesses of products or services.
  • Ensuring content is fact-checked by independent parties where necessary.
  • Utilizing authoritative and credible sources, and citing multiple sources whenever possible.
  • Refusing gifts or perks from companies we review or may review.
  • Applying search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve content visibility and accessibility.
  • Clearly identifying any affiliate links and distinctly marking advertising or sponsored content.
  • Featuring our editorial team on the About XPS page, complete with contact information.

Should you believe we have not adhered to these principles, we welcome you to contact us for prompt correction.

Your privacy

XPS deeply values your privacy, adhering to a strict privacy policy.

affiliate disclosure

On occasion, we may earn revenue from purchases or actions taken through our content or on a partner’s site. We strictly follow our advertising policy to ensure such commercial engagements do not affect our editorial independence. This revenue supports our journalism at XPS.