Hades 2 Prepares for Early Access Following Technical Test Winding Down 

Ross Jukes
Last updated: May 16, 2024
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Supergiant Games has announced the conclusion of the Hades 2 technical test, hinting at an early access release on Steam that could be just around the corner. Fans are getting more excited about the next part of the popular action-roguelike series as the technical test ends on April 29.

The developer has been conducting a technical test to finalize the game’s mechanics and features. The end of this phase means that the early access version of Hades II is almost ready to go live, which means that players can look forward to more challenging dungeon crawling and intense fights soon. 

Upcoming early access for Hades 2 

Supergiant Games announced on April 29 that the technical test for Hades 2 is over and will no longer be available in the Steam libraries of those who took part. The developer is getting ready for a swift transition to Early Access on Steam, which suggests that the game will be out soon. There isn’t a set date for the release of Hades 2, but the way Supergiant has talked about it makes it sound like it will be coming out soon.

The technical test has been very important for Supergiant because it has helped the team find and fix many technical problems that they hadn’t seen before. The game’s creator thanked the players for their important part in making it better and hoped that their help would make the public release go more smoothly.

“Thank you for your patience during the Hades II Technical Test,” the game’s official Twitter said in a post. “which helped us identify and address a number of key issues we weren’t able to find before.” 

“We plan to launch Hades II in Early Access relatively soon after,” the developer said. “We hope you share our excitement for early access and really appreciate your support and encouragement during the test!”

This sentence shows how close the game is to being ready for Early Access, where more feedback from players will help shape its final form.

Fans have high hopes after hearing this news. It looks like Hades 2 won’t be in Early Access for much longer, since the creator is sure that the game’s technical stability has improved.

Hades II new adventures 

Hades II game play

Hades II, the much-awaited sequel to the 2020 hit roguelite Hades continues to captivate fans with its rich narrative and stunning graphics. This new chapter introduces Melinoë the daughter of Hades and sister to Zagreus, as the protagonist. Iconic in the roguelite genre the Hades series is known for its fun gameplay, smart storylines, and beautiful graphics.

Supergiant Games caught everyone’s attention last year with the release of the Hades II reveal trailer, offering a glimpse into Melinoë’s dark journey. Melinoë goes on a dangerous rescue mission that includes a sinister plan to kill a Titan, who is also her grandfather. With this new plot, mythology and adventure will come together in an exciting way setting the stage for another captivating underworld story.

Hades 2 release date and platforms

Supergiant Games has said that the long-awaited sequel Hades 2, will go into Early Access in the second quarter of 2024. The game will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store with further details about the exact release date, pricing and system requirements to be released as the launch date approaches. The full release date has not been set in stone but it is likely to happen a few months after Early Access ends.

Following the successful launch plan of its predecessor, Hades 2 aims to provide a wealth of content from the very first day of Early Access, at least as much as the first game did. Supergiant is dedicated to making sure that Hades 2 will offer a lot of value and a fun time to play even when it isn’t fully finished. More information about what players can expect during the Early Access phase will be shared close to the launch.

In short

Supergiant Games is getting ready for the Early Access launch of Hades 2 on Steam, which shortly after the technical test ends on April 29. The test phase was essential in refining gameplay and ironing out issues, thanks to valuable player feedback. Now that the test is over, the team is working on putting Hades 2 into Early Access, which means that it might be soon available to everyone. The upcoming action-roguelike game is said to have intense dungeon crawls and a deeper narrative with Melinoë, adding to the great things about the first game.

In related gaming industry news, Blizzard Entertainment has announced the cancellation of BlizzCon 2024. The company cited a need to regroup and plan for future events that better meet the needs of their community. This decision reflects a trend in the gaming industry where companies are reassessing their approach to major events, prioritizing quality and community engagement over traditional schedules. As Blizzard looks to the future, fans can expect new formats and innovations in how these events are conducted, potentially setting new standards for the industry.

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